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SAFIRUN, founded in 2018, is an all-in-one Eco-Friendly delivery & logistics Technology Company that connects people with the best local restaurants/stores and in their cities via convenient delivery, pickup, and catering. SAFIRUN provides green economic empowerment for local businesses and generates innovative earning opportunities for people while upgrading their standard of living. This is the beginning of revolutionizing the way door-to-door delivery is being accessed by incorporating Green E-delivery and encouraging people to protect our environment in their day to day activities.

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Get access to the coolest restaurants, grocery stores, trends in your area and the app that allows customers to track their orders in real time. Ordering has never been this healthy with the introduction of Green E-Delivery.

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Direct your products to the bestselling eco-friendly delivery platform. Grow your business with SAFIRUN app that grants you direct access to thousands of customers

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